Thursday, August 1, 2013

As long as I'm living my baby you'll be

       Elliana and I have always had a beautiful breastfeeding relationship! Since day 1 she has LOVED nursing and it has always been our special time throughout the day. Now that she is creeping up to her 1st birthday she has begun the crazy toddler nursing stage... aka she wants to nurse and crawl at the same time...she wants to eat Cheerios, nurse AND crawl away to pick up toys all at the same time, which leads to teeth, biting, and my nipple being stretched further than it should be. As different as it is from our peaceful newborn nursing sessions, I love it just as much! Recently she has turned into a big daddy baby! She lovesssss her dada! All day long she yells "da da!" "Daaaa da!" And if I ask where daddy is, she stares at the front window waiting for him to walk in, so needless to say she's placed me on the back burner except when its titty time...then she's once again a mama baby! And I'm fine with that because I know how much he loves that she waits for him and it gives me a break once he gets home so it's a win win :)

       Tonight I'm lying in bed, nicks snoring away and I look down at elliana nursing and she just smiles...she didn't unlatch or anything just gave me a faint smile. As soon as I smiled back and told her I loved her, she closed her eyes and began snoring with her daddy. It 100% melted my heart. It brought back those beautiful newborn nursing sessions and the tugging and Cheerio biting of my nipples all day today has been forgotten. Although my baby is turning 1 next week I will forever cherish these moments. I plan to nurse until the very last day that my precious baby wants to (even though that day will probably be too soon for this mama's liking) and until that day comes we will nurse on and enjoy every minute of these crazy days and nights! 


            This is the look that melts my heart!
                         (11 months old)

                     Same look (4 months old)


  1. Very much enjoyed reading your blog. And very awesome that you're still nursing! I'm envious, I tried but it just wasn't in the stars for us. But I am going to follow your blog! I love it!

    1. Aww thanks ang! I check yours every night before bed to see if you post a new recipe for me to try! :) xo