Sunday, August 18, 2013

1 year of nursing.

       I cannot believe my little nursling and I have been a breastfeeding duo for a little over a year now! Where did the last year go?! We are officially into the toddler nursing stage...she wants to play and nurse at the same time! She is walking EVERYWHERE now, talking up a storm (nick and I counted last night and she says 10 words now!) && eating everything in sight! This new stage and I have had a love hate relationship so far because our house isn't 100% baby proof yet which makes my life during the day a tornado! If dada isn't home to be my extra pair of eyes she ends up sneaking away and playing in the toilet 2-3 times a day! Yuck!!
       I can't imagine being done breastfeeding my little rascal! I knew I wanted to breastfeed, but had no idea the love I would have for it! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would want to breastfeed forever! She is almost 13 months old now (omg I have a 13 month old!!! So crazy to think!) but she nurses anywhere between 4-8 times a day and ALL NIGHT LONG! She nurses more when she is tired, if she falls and just wants to comfort, or if she eats something and wants to wash it down with what she knows...breastmilk! Some people might say if she wants to drink something while she eats why not just give her a sippy cup? She does have a sippy cup that she plays with or drinks water out every once in awhile, but she likes to nurse so who am I to take that comfort away from her! It's like babies and their bottles, my baby's bottle just happens to be attached to my body. 
       People ask me "how long do you plan on nursing her?" And my response has and will always be "until the day she wants to stop". Most people don't realize that nursing is a two-sided relationship. I can't imagine elliana just all of a sudden stopping one day, no warning, no discussion, just done. I would be devastated! My heart would be broken because that's all I've known for the past 13 months! So imagine taking that away from a baby who doesn't understand why she can't have it anymore. If it would be devastating for me I would never want to do that to my baby! So I will let her nurse until we decide that it's best for our family for us to stop.
        Nick and I agree that nursing is the greatest thing for our baby and she will stop when she is ready. And when that time comes we will hopefully have another baby so this mama won't be heartbroken by not having a nursing baby anymore :) of course there are days and nights that I'm exhausted and just want to get stuff done or get a good nights rest without a baby attached to my boob but she won't always be a baby, and i know that before our eyes we will have a sweet little girl who is talking about boys and learning to drive so the sleepless nights and our messy house can stay for awhile because my baby won't always be my baby. 
       The average weaning age for mammals is anywhere between 2 years old and 7 years old so hopefully we still have lots of nursing snuggles to go! No matter what method you chose to feed your baby it ultimately boils down to what works best for your family and this is what works best for ours :) 
       We have had a wonderful 1st year as parents and are excited to see the many years to come! Bon voyage baby Ellie, we are stoked to see you grow into the sassy little munchkin you've already started unveiling! 


                                           Blue eyed baby doll w/ messy nap hair
                                              Nursing at "The Big Latch On"
                                                  Afternoon snuggles

                                 This is why I need an extra pair of eyes now ;)

                                                       Walking everywhere :)

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