Sunday, July 21, 2013

Night time around here

       Night time around our house is anything but ordinary. Some nights are more entertaining than others, but most nights consist of a naked baby crawling around our kitchen floor eating tid bits of food that have fallen from me cooking dinner, daddy trying to chase her around to awkwardly put a diaper on a mobile baby, and me tripping over sippy cups that she has thrown all over the kitchen floor. Sounds like a typical household right?! Then we get to bath time where she instantly pees on the bathroom floor as soon as the water is turned on, foam alphabet letters cover the bath tub floor, and half empty bottles of shampoo & face wash are upside down hoping they don't get poured down the drain by an 11 month old baby again! After our calming bath of eating bubbles and rubber fish we get to the night time diaper! The most dreaded part of the day for our little nursling! I have never seen a more pitiful sad face given by a baby! She does not like getting ready for bed! But as soon as we get into bed she gets excited because guess what time it is!!!?!! That's right! She is thinking "I get to nurse for the next 10 hours straight?!!!" My big ol' titty baby gets a huge grin on her face (after the diaper is said and done of course) then starts the night time nursing ritual. My love//hate relationship after the sun goes down.... Like I said earlier some nights are better than others but lately they've been pretty good! It's taken me 11 months to figure out the perfect position for me to be in so she can still nurse all night without me breaking my back (which would lead to her unlatching and waking up in a panic!) As much as night time nursing is a pain, it's actually one if my favorite nursing times because its quiet, it's just me and E time, daddy is snoring, baby is snoozing half way and i get to enjoy watching them both so peaceful. Talk about bliss...

       - NursingBliss from a SleeplessMama 

                                     My bath time babe

                      Few days old in this picture - perfection!

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