Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Toys & Crumbs

       I always knew I wanted to have babies, lots and lots of babies! What I didn't realize was, was that my house would constantly be a mess once I had babies and now I only have ONE and it's already a mess! We are finally at the stage where as soon as I clean something up, I turn around and it's a mess again. Elliana has started ignoring her toys unless they are put where they are suppose to be. She loveessss books! But she loves her books more when they are all stacked up nice and neat! Give her 5 minutes and those nice and neat stacks are thrown in every room of the house once again. I have given up trying to clean as the day goes on. I recently began asking her to help me, I show her how to "put your toys back" "help mama clean up" and she does help a little bit, but mostly she likes finding the other toys that have been hiding under that certain book all day! I usually clean up at her nap time so at least the house is a little put together by the time nick gets home, and then after he showers and relaxes for a bit he helps her tear the living room apart again! My nightly clean up is the easiest because daddy and baby are sound asleep & this mama gets to relax by cleaning. (Another thing I would have never guessed before becoming a parent...that cleaning would relax me. I used to hate cleaning!) Although my house is full of scattered toys and day old crumbs, I know it's also full of love, lots of learning, and days of giggles! I wouldn't change my little messy house for anything! 


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