Monday, September 30, 2013

Crazy thing called life

       I think about this blog daily, and every night when I sit in bed nursing E to sleep, I always end up falling asleep right along with her and end up waking up a few hours later with the iPad in my lap waiting for my next blog entry! By that time I set the iPad on the floor and crash back out for the night! (life of a mommy, take sleep when you can get it!) Anyways, life lately has been so incredible! Elliana is still amazing us daily by the new things she learns, faces she makes, and the loads of kisses she blesses us with constantly! 

       Two weeks ago Nicholas Jaymes asked me to be his wife and the way he did it still melts my heart just thinking about it! We had a very low key Friday night and after dinner we were lying on the floor playing and reading with elliana. Nick was across the living room and I saw him hand elliana something to play with and I didn't think anything of it. I saw her play with it for a few minutes and then I heard him say "go give it to mommy" not thinking she would be handing me something so beautiful I just grabbed it and said thank you. After double taking the gorgeous ring she had just handed me I just stared at nick wondering if he was really doing what I thought he was doing and sure enough, he was! This amazing man asked me to spend the rest of my life with him and I couldn't be more excited! I'm excited to have a wedding, to buy a house together & soooo excited to have even more beautiful babies with him!!! 

       Everyday since he proposed Elliana ooo's and ahhh's over my beautiful ring and she spins it around my finger with her sweet little smile! She knows her pretties, so seeing mamas just lights her little face up! Becoming a mom has turned my life upside down in the most wonderful ways and lately I feel like I just need to stop and smell the flowers. The past few weeks we have been going going going, and I begun realizing that I don't want elliana to grow up thinking we rushed through her childhood. I want to let her walk in the grocery store even if it turns my 10 minute quick stop into a 30 minute stroll down the aisles. Letting her stop and look at everything is so worth it to me and I'm vowing to our daughter that that is exactly what I will let her do. Stop and smell the roses and let her lol and ahhh's over all the pretties she sees! :) Seeing how fast these past 14 months have flown by is beginning to scare me because she is no longer a little baby and I need to enjoy every single day she grows and does new things!!


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