Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lillebaby Review

At the beginning of this month, The Babywearing World Record Setting was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I participated on Team lillebaby and it was incredible to meet such amazing mommies, bloggers, babies and more! I had never tried a lillebaby carrier before and honestly I was nervous because soft structured carriers (SSC) have never been my first or favorite choice to wear Elliana in. I have never been a huge fan of for a few reasons, 

             1) In order to get it tight enough on my hips it makes for some pretty sexy muffin top action which I'm not too fond of.
               2) They take me longer for to buckle up and get her in then my favorite go-to carrier, which is my ring sling! 

       When my favorite mommy blogger Emily from (( asked me be on team lillebaby with her I decided to put all of my thoughts and opinions of SSC's away and go into this with an open mind. I was nervous to do a review because I was scared 
"What if I don't like it?" 
"How do I review a product I don't like?"

( I really didn't think I would LOVE it and boy was I wrong!)

       AS SOON as I buckled the lillebaby around my hips and got Elliana positioned into it I was instantly IN LOVE! There were no love handles hanging over the sides, no digging under my armpits, the weight was SOOO evenly distributed, and best of all, nursing in it was so incredibly easy! I was sold! Everything about it was so amazing compared to previous SSC's that I have worn Elliana in.      

Emily & I wearing our littles in our lillebaby carriers
Nursing made easy!

        I wore Elliana in my new lillebaby for over 3 hours straight and I had absolutely NO back pain. My favorite thing about the lillebaby is the padded back piece! Right where the buckle strap sits on my tailbone I always get sore after about an hour, but lillebaby has mastered this! The pad sits directly on my tailbone and it was like I couldn't even tell that I was wearing my over 20 lb baby!        
Padded back 

       After Elliana slept for 2 hours in the lillebaby she was ready to get down and run around but I wasn't ready to take my new carrier off, so I stole my niece and wore her for awhile! Baby L was 12 weeks at the time and weighed about 10 lbs. Normally in an SSC with a baby that small you need an infant insert in order to properly wear the baby. Not with the lillebaby! No infant insert necessary! I was absolutely shocked at how comfortably snug Baby L was! There was no way she was sliding out the sides or going anywhere for that matter! She was so happy and stayed content in the lillebaby for over an hour!        
       Like I said I was so nervous when I agreed to do a review on this carrier because of my previous thoughts of SSC's have never been anything extremely positive, but the lillebaby has completely proved me wrong! Ever since I got home from the record setting I have used my lillebaby for every outting!!! I never thought I'd find a carrier that one-upped my ring sling but lillebaby has done just that!! I love my lillebaby carrier and I recommend it to every parent interested in wearing their baby. 

       - This carrier has a padded head piece that can be folded down when baby is awake so they 
          can look around, or it can be buckled up to support their head when they are asleep.


       - There is a removable hood attatched to the carrier which I love because of the fact that you
         can completely remove it and no other SSC that I have used has a removable one (I find
          hoods to be annoying and get in my way so I'm glad I have the option of taking it off)

- Weight range for lillebaby carrier: 7-45 lbs.

       - Baby can be worn in 4 different positions: 
        1) Facing In
            2) Facing Out
          3) Hip Carry
             4) Back Carry

       I highly recommend this carrier and wish I could give every parent one because I am sooo certain you will love it as much as I do!

       Lillebaby has so graciously given me a coupon code for all of you mommies and daddies reading this who want to buy a lillebaby for yourself! I promise you will not regret this purchase! 

   20% off code: 
valid until 11/30/13


((By the way, we helped set the Babywearing World Record with a total of 1,003 mommies wearing their babies!!!))



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