Tuesday, October 29, 2013

No More Sick Days!

       If you knew me before I had Elliana, you would know that I was a big ol' whiny baby! When I was sick, I needed my mama! When it was that time of the month, I stayed home from school because my cramps were TOOOO bad to move. If I stubbed my toe, you would hear about it for a month and so on and so forth! 

Man how things have changed! 

       When I first told my mom I wanted to do a home birth she laughed because she knew how I was, and she was convinced I wouldn't last through a natural labor. Everything changed once I set my mind to it! As most of you know I WAS able to birth Elliana naturally at home, and it was the greatest accomplishment I have ever experienced! Since that day, complaining in pain is almost non existent from me. I know that if I could handle 31 hours of labor with no drugs, then complaining of a little cold is not allowed in my mind.
       This little cold is what we have been dealing with for the past week and a half and I AM SO SICK OF IT!!!! Not that I'm in pain or anything but its just obnoxious and needs to kick rocks! Being a mommy is a 24 hour job with no weekends off! Being sick does not mean I get to stay in bed all day like I use to loveeee! Even though I try to keep her in bed with me all day, now that she is mobile it doesn't work so well. She runs around wild if I don't get out of bed! (but days that I'm not sick she wants to stay in bed and nurse allll day! funny how that works!)

      Hot tea, lots of vitamins and warm baths have been helping so far but it seems like as soon as I feel better I get out and run errands and then I get even worse the next day! Soooo I guess I will have to bring my pillow and blanket out in the living room and entertain Elliana from there! Hopefully she doesn't catch this nasty cold and I get better soon!

       So long sick days where I lay in bed all day and have my mama wait on me...now its my turn to be mama and I wouldn't have it any other way! 


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